Thornton Foreclosed Homes Benefit from Loan Program

One of the key factors serious buyers eye when appraising foreclosed homes for sale in the Thornton market is condition – the shape those properties have been left in. The Federal Housing Administration has weighed in with a program that can materially affect how that condition – good or bad – will finally affect the […]

Simple Techniques That Help Sell Thornton Homes

Success in selling Colorado homes can depend on being able to distinguish what is important to buyers from what is not.  Proactive homeowners know that one room usually gets more attention than does any other: the kitchen. There are many good reasons why this is so (we have discussed them before) — but one kitchen […]

Video Profile: Homestead Hills, Thornton, CO

The community of Homestead Hills is a smart choice for those that desire easy access to the Denver metropolitan area, a small town lifestyle and a safe community driven atmosphere. Permanent residents enjoy access to beautiful public parks, museums and cultural centers, classic performances and the spectacular city backdrop provided by the Rocky Mountains. Offering […]

Predicting Future Thornton Property Listings

How about this for a stunner: each and every day for the next 17 years, more than 10,000 American “baby boomers” will hit retirement age. That is based on 65 being considered retirement age (although many 65-year-olds I know haven’t the slightest intention of abandoning their careers anytime soon). Nevertheless, the impact that this demographic […]

Foreclosure Price Rise Signals Market Move

Last month, the number of new foreclosures listed nationally barely crept upward — even as average sale prices leapt dramatically. Realtytrac compiles the numbers, and they show a sizeable 10%+ jump in foreclosure sales prices from July to August. Of course, homes listed as foreclosures and short sales still close at prices markedly lower than […]

Moves To Make Your Thornton House Sell

But let’s not pop the champagne just yet – despite the upswing in home sales, it remains important for sellers to do everything they can to achieve that strong sale. One of the best ways to sell your home fast is to get out of town. That’s right: pack up and move out!  Here’s why: […]

Do Thornton, CO New Homes, Simplify Lending?

Newly built homes may make up a relatively small part of our overall housing market, yet I think Thornton homeowners have to be encouraged by the trends we are seeing. This month, the National Association of Homebuilders reported that construction spending has turned up (“A Housing Recovery is Gathering Steam”) after its long slide. In […]