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Мoving 101

Мoving from one home to another can be overwhelming, but moving to a new city or town can be especially stressful. Consider these suggestions to make your move hassle-free. Keep track of the little expenses. Budget for gas money and pit stops you might make along the way. Factor in new utility setup fees and review the mover contract carefully to be sure your estimate is accurate. Small costs can add up to a major blow when they’re unexpected. It’s best to have a list of incurred expenses on hand to know what you’re dealing with. 

Choose carefully. If you’re hiring movers, shop around for the best deal —which might not always be the cheapest.
Relocation.com cautions against signing with the least expensive movers; costs tend to pop up on move-in day, or worse, you might get scammed. Also, be sure to investigate what kind of insurance your movers provide.
Depending on how much you’re moving, you may want to opt for a full-value replacement protection plan. Federal law requires limited liability insurance to be included with your regular move-in costs, but it only averages out to insuring $.60 per pound (varies from state to state), so big ticket items like your flat-screen TV will barely be covered. The full-value option declares that any goods lost, damaged or destroyed during the move will be replaced or repaired, or you can opt for a cash settlement. The cost depends on the moving company, so be sure to discuss your options thoroughly with the company you choose.

Be observant. Review the inventory checklist you receive from the movers, and make sure every item is accounted for —
every extra item that was not included in the original estimate could cost you more money. Worse? Once that happens, the initial estimate agreement is void, and the price can skyrocket. Do a final walkthrough in your empty home to ensure nothing is left behind to avoid having to ship it to your new abode. And finally, treat your movers with respect. Check
beforehand with the company and, if it’s OK, have some beverages and treats on hand to thank them for their hard work.
Your kindness will be appreciated during stressful situations.

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