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Stop Junk Mail!

A common complaint I hear from home owners is “How do I stop junk mail?” This is
especially true for new home owners who find theyʼre bombarded by catalogs and
advertisements intended for the previous owners.
Not only is eliminating junk mail a personal convenience, but itʼs also good for the
planet. Who hasnʼt lugged 60 pounds of junk mail down to the curb on recycling night
and thought, “I canʼt believe all of this paper and ink is wasted.”?
Well, if youʼre looking for a free and easy way to cut down on the unwanted catalogs,
coupons, credit card offers, circulars (and more!), then be sure to check out
CatalogChoice.org (http://www.catalogchoice.org).
Catalog Choice lets you opt out of direct marketersʼ databases, ensuring that you
receive less junk (and your privacy is protected). Register for a free account and you
can immediately begin cutting down on all of that unwanted mail.
How does it work? Catalog Choice gets your opt-outs processed by the senders. You
can track your opt-outs, and if you receive the mail again, Catalog Choice will follow
up. They work with over 4000 companies to honor your choices and have processed
over 20 million opt-outs by over 1.4 million account holders.
Take control of your homeʼs mailbox today!

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