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37 Stress Management Tips (to Help You Through Selling & Buying a Home)

Part of my specialty as a real estate agent is managing stress for my clients. It means a lot to me when clients tell me at closing, “Wow,Bob, I canʼt believe how smoothly everything went.” Itʼs a badge of honor for me when I hear things were “stress free” or “low pressure” from my clientsʼ perspective.

Even in the best case scenario, every real estate transaction comes with a little stress. If you consider WHY most people are buying or selling a home, the motivation usually comes from either positive or negative life change. Marriage, the birth of a child, the
death of a spouse, divorce, a new job, downsizing… all are common reasons people buy or sell a home.

Itʼs no surprise that these major life changes are also listed on the “Holmes and Rahe stress scale,” a list of 43 life events which can contribute to illness (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holmes_and_Rahe_stress_scale). The ability to manage the stress associated with these events isnʼt just about feeling good… itʼs also a crucial component of maintaining our health along the way.

Since Iʼm always on the lookout for ways to reduce my clientsʻ stress levels during this time of transition, I was thrilled to find this excellent article from Readerʼs Digest called “37 Stress Management Tips” to share with you:
Enjoy! If youʼre looking for an agent to help you with a stress-free real estate transaction, drop me a line today: Bob White Realtor® 303-325-6824

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